It was such a joy to design the flowers for Quinn and Sebastian’s wedding day. Quinn brought so many special touches to her wedding decor and her attention to detail was incredible. From the key on the groom’s boutonniere to the beautiful lanterns on the tables, this was one wedding that we enjoyed from the start to finish. Quinn’s bouquet was a combination of white o’hara garden roses, succulents, white astilbe, white veronica, pink stock, cream hypericum berries, white waxflower, seeded eucalyptus, scabiosa pods and sahara roses. A stunning combination the fit perfectly into their wedding style. Thank you to the talented girls at Sugar and Soul Photography for the gorgeous photos!

Venue: Southwood Golf Course


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Victoria came into the shop to meet with us and had a clear vision of what she wanted. This gal loves succulents and wanted us to create a bouquet for her made almost entirely of succulents. Challenge accepted! We were thrilled with how it turned out and loved the touch of eucalyptus and blooms of white phalaenopsis orchids.  The centerpieces were equally as special, small planters filled with a variety of succulent plants. We love how creative our bride’s are! Photography by the talented gals at Sugar and Soul Photography. Venue: Qualico Family Center, Assinaboine Park

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Plan B’s typically end up not being preferred over plan A. Not in the case of Cassie and Nigel’s stunning summer wedding. Somehow the day came together more beautifully than we could have imagined even with the looming rain clouds. It was a thrill to be a part of such a beautiful event. The flowers and the couple were like a dream come true. That and the stunning captures by Simply Rosie Photography, cake by Jenna Rae Cakes, Jewelry by Sugar Blossom Designs and The Gates on Roblin ballroom. 


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This summer has been a whirlwind! We can’t believe we are nearly at the end of September and are winding down our 2014 wedding season. What a season is has been! We have done so many different kinds of wedding flowers for so many brides. From large budgets to unique inspirations, this summer has been wonderful.

Simply Rosie Photography

We are so looking forward to the last few exciting things of the year (The It’s Love Bridal Showcase for one!) and are looking on towards next year, excited to see what it will hold.

We are booking for 2015 and are so excited about the weddings already on our calendar! There are large installations in our future, unique concepts, beautiful ribbon and so much more.

Brittany Mahood Photography

If you would like to know more about Academy Florist and are interested in booking a consultation for the 2015 wedding season, please feel free to contact us! We would LOVE to be your florist and team with you to making your wedding beautiful. Tessa, our wedding consultant, is available for consultations!

Samba Joy Photography

We can’t wait to meet you and chat about your beautiful bridal blooms! :)

With Love, The Academy Florist Design Team

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Kaitlynd loves tulips and wanted them to be her flower theme for her and Ben’s entire wedding day. The combination of nautical colors, navy, cream, grey and peach was darling. We loved the simplicity of the flowers and can’t help but miss these sweet blooms during the summer months. Congratulations to Ben and Kaitlynd! And until next spring, enjoy these photos by Victoria Anne Photography.








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There is something about a little touch of country charm that tickles our fancy! Natasha had a beautiful bouquet, complete with rustic elements such as butter solidego, white stock, yellow garden roses and succulents. Her vision came together beautifully and we loved being able to make her flower vision come to life. Wishing so much love and happiness for these adorable newlyweds! Thank you to Janique Tessier Photography for the beautiful photos!

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Emily had a lovely vision for her wedding day. It was an intimate ceremony followed by a small reception of 50 of their closest family and friends. She wore a stunning dress with lace detail and a linear arm bouquet to match with her savvy style. We were thrilled to see these beautiful images from Kamp Photography that captured the elegant affair perfectly.

Location: St Charles Country Club


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Marissa had a beautiful vision for her bouquet. A simple palette married with eye catching texture and beautiful draped pieces. She was such a sweet bride to work with and we were happy to be part her’s and Brendan’s wedding day. Thank you to WJB Photography for the photos! We loved seeing her dream come to life! Her bouquet was a mix of white dendrobium orchids (full stems), sahara roses, quicksand roses, white stock, white lisianthus and multiple varieties of eucalyptus.

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This editorial was one we began looking forward to as soon as we saw the inspiration board. The florals came together in a beautiful way. It truly was like a breath of fresh air seeing such a subtle yet striking palette. The soft blue tones with a touch of red was elegant and fresh. Like a cool breeze in the summer. As seen in the Summer 2014 Issue of It’s Love Magazine.

In Collaboration With|| Brittany Mahood Photography, One Plus One Designs, Laugh Love Cakes, Bliss Bridal, Eph Apparel, Two Chicks & A Bag of Makeup, Aspire Studios

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So,  you have picked up the flowers on your wedding, now what?! Is there something you need to do to take care of them? Is there something not quite right about an aspect of your bouquet? What do you do if you spill something on the ribbon or if someone sits on your bouquet? Our goal in creating and designing your wedding flowers is to have them at their prime for your wedding day. Your bouquets and centerpieces are designed to look perfect, but what if something happens during the day?

With that in mind, caring for your wedding flowers is something to consider. There are many kinds of flowers, some more finicky then others. Here are a couple tips to consider once you have your flowers in possession on your wedding day:

Have them in water as often as possible: It might seem like a no-brainer to keep your wedding bouquets hydrated but in the hustle and bustle of a wedding day it can often be an afterthought. Some flower varieties like baby’s breath, calla lilies, mums, carnations and berries will do better out of water than others, but in any case, flowers LOVE to drink. Flowers like roses, peonies, hydrangea and daisies are much more likely to wilt without a water source. If you have your flowers out of water, left sitting on a table, in direct sunlight, in a hot vehicle or just roughed around during photos, it is likely that come reception time, your once beautiful bouquets will be slightly less stunning. Keeping them in water will prevent this and give them the best chance to stay beautiful throughout the day.

Something happened to your bouquet during the day and there are flowers that look broken or damaged: Even though wedding bouquets are somewhat a work of art that floral designers spend a lot of time on, they are not as extremely fragile as they seem. They are made to stay together and we go to great lengths to fasten them tightly together. If there is a rose the has been damaged or a bloom that has wilted, take a second and simply pick or cut that flower out. Don’t be afraid to do this. The flowers and greens will be able to slightly adjust if you need to move something around. Don’t be afraid that it will fall apart!

How do I hold a bouquet?: You would be surprised how many different ways you can “display” a bouquet. Either the bride is holding them up to her chin or down to her knees. Neither of those ways display you (the bride) or the flowers in the best way. Hold the flowers at about your belly button when walking down the aisle (this goes for bridesmaids too!). Also, look at your bouquet from all sides. Often a bouquet will have a front and back or a “good side”.

How do I pin a boutonniere?: More often than not, come the wedding day when the men’s flowers arrive, there is a moment of desperation as they try and find someone who knows how to pin on a bout. The boutonnieres will come with 2 pins. Find the place on their suit’s lapel on the left side (often where the little button hole is) that looks nicest and pin the bout from behind the fabric as to not show the pins. Push one pin up the stems through the suit starting at the bottom of the bout, and the second pushing down from the top of the stems through the suit. This should secure it nicely. Don’t be afraid to try a couple times to make sure it’s secure.  Doing it this way will also ensure you don’t poke anyone!

How will the weather effect my flowers?: The weather on your wedding day could effect your flowers in a positive or negative way. In the summer, a really hot day might wilt your flowers, especially if left in a hot car or in direct sunlight. In the winter, anything below zero degrees will freeze your flowers in moments due to the high water content in the petals. They may look nice in a couple outdoor photos but as soon as you bring them inside again they will brown. Don’t bring your flowers outside on a cold day unless you’re willing to pay the consequences!

Im picking my flowers up the day before my wedding, what do I do?: If you opt to pick up your flowers the day before your wedding, keep in mind that it is at your own risk! Like I mentioned, your flowers are meant to be perfect and in their prime for your wedding day. Having them out of our cooler for 24 hours will effect the flowers and allow them to open up. You would be surprised how quickly this happens! If you pick them up early, make sure you have a space cleared in a fridge to keep the bouts and bouquets cool. This will ensure their freshness.

Have any questions about caring for wedding flowers? Give us a call! (204)-488-4822

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